[Scanlation] Eroge no Taiyou Chapter 12

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A game announcement? Really? o_O
I guess it wouldn’t be an actual eroge… probably just a pure ADV though. But it’s pretty weird considering we’re only 12 chapters in and I didn’t think this series was that popular. Does Hamamura have too many ideas that he wants to get out? w

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    at only 12 WEEKLY chapters in too

    can’t help but to be skeptical about it; are they even going to be incorporating multiple routes?

    I honestly feel there’s nothing to write home about this manga so far. There’s no best girl (for me at least). The character design somewhat deviates from moe. Plot seems mediocre at best (so far), but to be fair its just highlighting the ins and outs of the developing a VN in industrial companies. You only have two characters to talk about if you want to judge the characters. Kanda’s change in character is apparent, but it’s not something that attracts my attention. Eriko’s character is whatever. It’s popularity perplexes me. At this point (without knowledge of sales numbers or ratings in Japan), I’m thinking that the game was already in the works before the manga even began publication.

    Some real shit must be coming up (like Kanda’s former colleagues who fired him finding him (working at Elicom or in public). I’m suspecting the next arc “Hell Progression” to be the arc where the story gets going, or else a VN the just displays development of VNs by industry companies/corporations seems like a highly unpractical and unattractive idea.

    • Thinking about it some more, “a VN the just displays development of VNs by industry companies/corporations” IS somewhat practical.
      I’m just pretty skeptical because the plot and characters in the manga aren’t engaging me at this point. Dropping this manga is crossing my mind.

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