[Scanlation] Eroge no Taiyou Chapter 1

Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!LglyyLCb!eZu9mtoQ2qEntCCtDDuoNGjaOnkTehloDgXBZLBGneo

This is a manga about a guy who gets screwed over by his company and somehow ends up at an eroge company full of crazy girls. The story is by former eroge writer Hamamura Toshikiri.

The scans suffered from some pretty bad bleedthrough; I cleaned it up when it was in speech bubbles but ignored it otherwise. So some sections look a bit weird. I typesetted like three SFX before I got bored of it. Yep I am great at this!

8 thoughts on “[Scanlation] Eroge no Taiyou Chapter 1

  1. Thanks, read it on batoto a while ago since it looked interesting. Poor guy tho, gets fired, gets framed of a serious crime, loses his money, ends up in the streets and then gets dragged into eroges without even going through anime or manga first… Well hopefully he’ll manage…
    Anyways thanks again, I hope you’ll translate other chapters.

    • Yes I am working on chapter 2. The raw scans were just uploaded earlier today so it will be a while longer before release.

      • Really?! Nice! That’s awesome! :3 Um also if you dont mind, I could also help you clean and redraw the chapter =D its just that some leechers are complaining about the quality and I dont want you guys to be discouraged and all >.<
        Plus,I'm quite good with raws like these.
        Either way, keep up the good work!

        • Sorry for the late response; I didn’t get notified of this comment for some reason.

          The original raws are pretty horrible. Sample page: http://puu.sh/bhxie.jpg
          Personally, I dislike the decrease in speed that occurs when work has to be sent back and forth, as well as waiting on people… which is why I’m doing everything myself. It just feels much more streamlined because I can TL/clean/typeset all at the same time. I mean, if your help would make a big difference then that would be appreciated, but from my experience in this field, there’s never any guarantee that other members will get back to you in a reasonable timeframe. Anyway, if you really are interested in helping, shoot me a query on IRC (Shini-tan on Rizon) or message me on Twitter (@shininyan) or something.

          • Ugh. My god >.< dat raws
            I salute you for doing those <o
            Well, you're doing a swell job so all I can do is wish you a good luck :3

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