[Scanlation] Eroge no Taiyou Chapter 14

Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!PwFEyZST!dy5VIi81-Ljg532zxJBP19c3UUi2KxWtnD79Fm4GdXs

Sorry for the delay; life is busy. Also, ch15 raws haven’t been uploaded yet so I’m technically not behind anymore!

They posted a super short demo of the game, which turns out to be a doujin game. The demo quality is pretty crappy and all it really does is promote the tankoubon release, but I’ve translated it below the jump anyway. No one is voiced except for a couple of Eriko’s lines… which are by Tamiyasu Tomoe! Not who I would’ve expected. We also find out through the demo that the ponite girl’s name is Kotone :v