Persona 4: Dancing All Night

It’s been forever since I last wrote about a game, but I picked this up to tide me over until P3D/P5D and I feel the overwhelming need to vent about it lol. (I actually type out posts like this all the time, but I usually delete them after rereading and wondering what the hell I was thinking)

Disclaimer: I played the JP version and I don’t know what was changed for the English release. I don’t have any of the DLC or updates because my Vita is on NA store.

I don’t outright spoil any plot points, but depending on your definition of “spoilers” you might not want to read this if you haven’t played the game.

Persona O.A. Reference Guide

Mobage are evil but this one has no in-app purchases so it gets a pass. Except no because the loading times are god awful… Why does such a small app take 50-60 seconds to start up? (They actually fixed it…) Why is the calendar so buggy? Why does clicking the comment icon on the calendar freeze the app? WHY DOES IT CRASH SO MUCH!?

But it’s OK. I play this game so that you don’t have to put up with it!

September 6th Update

  • Kaneshiro Palace event is open until 9/27 9:59 JST – unlocks exclusive items and wallpapers

August 9th Update

  • New stage added; unlocks Kawakami (cannot be selected as a Mementos partner; her rank-ups are unlocked by beating each difficulty level of her stage)
  • New Personas added to summoning – rate up summon available until 9/3 at 9:59 JST
  • Added option to post to Twitter when summoning a 5* Persona

Character dialogues are complete and have been moved here! →

Spring 2017 end

Watching anime is really hard

Also stopped being lazy and put things in rank order

Also I REALLY wasn’t going to post this considering it’s literally the wrong year now, but I saw it already mostly-written and felt like I had to go through with it ;_; no bully

Perhaps I should at least try to stay within 1 year behind :S